Recent Projects

Window Counter App Landing Page

Window Counter is an app I built with SwiftUI & React Native. It makes estimating easier for window cleaners. Since my first version I have had over 2000 downloads.

Thailand Explorer Single Page App

Thailand Explorer is built with Vue.js. The data from WikiVoyage, Google Maps & YouTube, API’s are based on a custom location API that generates a random location and data.

Groovy Hats Shopify Store

Groovy Hats is a Headless Shopify Store. It’s built with React and Gatsby. It utilizes the Shopify GraphQL API. This is my first store of many. Shopify is such a pleasure to work with.

Window Cleaning Landing Page

Long Beach Window Washing landing page built in Webflow. Solves a problem for homeowners, by helping them quickly get a price and schedule a window cleaning service.

Oceanfront Hacienda Webflow Site

Oceanfront Hacienda is a direct booking website for a vacation rental. It’s built in Webflow with a third party booking engine. The design was created by empathizing with guest experiences.

Vue Window Counter App

This is a simplified vesrion of my Window Counter Mobile App this one is built with Vue js. It's deployed on Netlify

3 Step Plan For Customer Engagement


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Discover the core challenges and goals for the project. Determine what objectives we need to achieve the goals for the project. Determine what the key metrics will be for measuring the success of the project.


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Research & Design

Identify key personas for the project. Empathize with end users to identify where they are on the buyer's journey. Clarify the messaging and visual design to align with solving the problems end user wants to solve.


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Before launching it is critical to make sure everything is production ready. All edge cases must be considered. Then comes the fun-part letting the world know. But just because we have launched does not mean the work has ended. This where A/B testing can refine the product.

Hi Im mike I am your dev guy

Hi I’m Mike, I Want To Be Your Dev Guy

Why Hire Me?

The details are important to me

Attention To Detail

Pixel perfection is my obsession. Accessibility is always in the design process. Discovering root cause of the problem to be solved. Design for all devices used.

Your satisfaction important to me

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Listening to your concerns is critical. I want you to be totally happy with the service I provide. I don’t expect you to pay, not even 1 cent, unless you’re satisfied.

You are important to me

I Care About You!

I care about what you think. I try my best to offer you the best service I can. I have a vested Interest in your happiness, with the service I provide. Happy customers tell their friends.


Mike is a great guy who puts all their efforts in getting the job done with fantastic results. He never gives up, and if he doesn't know how to do something he will move the earth to find out and solve it.

Bruno Saez Lopez
UX Designer

Mike has been very supportive and great at helping to problem solve issues I was having with an app I'm been building. I highly recommend Mike as he is super responsive,easygoing and fun to work with!

R.J. Schodowski
Application Developer

Mike helped us with a new web design. He always made us feel like we were on the same team. We knew we had made the right decision in choosing mike to re-brand our business. He went above and beyond.

Lora Spicer
Oceanfront Hacienda

Mike is hands down the first web developer I've hired that I've been satisfied with. I'm a web developer myself, and was really impressed with Mike's process of first clarifying exactly what the deliverable was so he fully understood the job, his communication throughout, as well as completing the work ahead of schedule.

Tom Phillips
Web Developer

I look forward to your email
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